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Compact Doors

As an experienced compact door supplier, we find that compact doors are quicker and simpler to install than any other industrial doors. At Door Loading Services UK Ltd we can supply compact doors with 240v or 415v motors, they are also capable of silent medium speed operation.

Save space!
With compact doors, the compact folding system creates extra space within your warehouse, so make the most of your room! A typical, conventional overhead door will obstruct light fittings, roof fittings, overhead cranes and heaters, compact doors are the ideal solution to this.

Our compact doors offer:
• Quick and easy supply and installation
• Saves space
• 240v or 415v motors
• Silent medium speed operation
• 24 hour call out service

Unique guiding system
The unique guiding system on our compact doors minimise the forces on the moving parts. There are no counter-balancing springs or weights which may require adjustment or regular maintenance.