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Dock Levellers & Shelters

Do you require made to measure dock levellers or dock shelters? 

Door Loading Services UK Ltd supply, install, service, maintain and repair all dock levellers, shelters and side cushions. All can be made-to-measure to fit all specific needs. 

Dock levellers have been designed to ‘bridge the gap’ between the loading bay and the vehicle, ensuring loading and unloading is safe. Using a leveller, goods can be moved in and out of the vehicle with one straight movement whether you are using cages, forklifts or pallet trucks. 

Our levellers have been designed and tested in accordance to BSi EN1398/2009, meaning they fully comply with all European legislation. 

Dock levellers:
• Swing lip
• Telescopic lip 

Dock shelters:
• Inflatable headers
• Inflatable side cushions
• Dock cushions
• Moveable heads