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Rapid Rise Pac Door

The Pac fold up style doors are flexible vertical opening doors perfectly suited for larger openings. The Pack Door is the ideal solution for areas of high and continuous transit, once in motion there are no low level obstructions leaving the entire opening free from obstruction. 

The Pac Door is very reliable and durable it is ‘face fixed’ to achieve full opening width and height. 

This fold up model is built to withstand large wind load and operates with a winch system, causing the curtain to stack in the open position, rather than roll up. 

Apart from the robust construction, the added benefit for clean areas or food process areas is that the outer facing of the door does not come into contact with the inner face during it’s opening cycle. 

Clear PVC windows can be added which is helpful for warehouse staff as they have visability when any vehicles arrive. 

Traffic lights can be added to enable vehicles to move through safely.

Rapid Rise Pac Door