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Rapid Rise Zip Doors

Self repairing side zips, will self repair if the leading edge is hit and is dislodged from its runners. This is NOT a crash door and repeated hitting of the door will eventually cause damage. It has been designed to help with accidents. However if hit with excessive force will cause damage to the Zips. 

Driving your forklift through the curtain WILL dislodge the curtain from its self repairing tracks. If the top 300mm becomes dislodged it will not self repair. 

  • 240V single phase inverter motor, with electronic limit switches OR 3 Phase 400V motor.

  • Light curtains are pre installed onto the legs to prevent the door closing if an obstacle is in the way. If the beam is broken the door will automatically stay open for safety.

  • A light curtain has 21 beams to give the best coverage of the door.

  • All our Zip Doors are fitted with light curtains.

  • Pre cabled to allow ‘Plug and Go’.

  • Curtains are polyester reinforced PVC, they come in a variety of colours. We can also personalize the curtain with your own artwork, or have standard signs like ‘NO ENTRY’ ‘NO PEDESTRIAN ACCESS’ etc.

  • Standard PVC vertical reinforcement strips will be added where needed.

  • Clear PVC vision panels can be added if required.

  • Micro mesh to allow air flow can be added.

  • Stainless steel head box can be laser etched with your own graphics.

  • Standard colors are Blue/Yellow. Other colors are available at an added cost.